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Notes of a TV News Reporter

I’ve had some requests lately from family and friends to see some recent anchoring. Well here it is! And if you’re home at 5, 6 or 10 P.M. head to wicd15.com — where we stream the newscasts live :) 

Not too long ago ABC NewsChannel15 was there when a car crash survivor met the State Trooper who saved his life. We were the only TV crew to capture this moment. It was pretty great to get to tell this story! 


Parents arrested for running prostitution ring out of their home in Baton Rouge. An undercover cop busted her, at her home when she charged him $100 for sex.

Police say she was soliciting herself on backpage.com. The father of the children would take the kids for a ride when dates would arrive to see his wife.

Classy people. 

(Source: wbrz.com)


Been off the tumblr grid for sometime. I see it’s still here. Good thing, cause I’m back. :) 

Whether you’re a fan or not, this is a really cool inside look at what’s goes into creating a piece like ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”

Associated Press (Nov. 27): A competitor from Brazil won the South American Pole Dancing championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Monday. She’ll represent her continent at the Pole Dancing World Championship in Europe next year.

*Call me old fashioned, I love lots of exercises (Pilates being my favorite) this one though, I don’t think I will try. Good talker though!

DASH CAM VID: PD and Witnesses Save a man Pinned Under Car

CHAMPAIGN—In never before seen video, the Champaign Police Department shares their dash cam video with ABC Newschannel 15, of the rollover accident on Wednesday.

54-year-old Steve Newsome had flipped his car, and was pinned underneath on 4th and Eureka St.

ABC Newschannel 15’s Marine Glisovic spoke with officers, and a witness from the scene.

The ‘undecided’ voter: SNL style. This is pretty funny :) 

Man blames pet squirrel for DUI: Welcome to the News business… we can’t make this up if we tried!

Carrie Underwood gives 12-year-old boy first kiss…